Ethereum-Mist Wallet

I’m going with the motto, “No introductory user guide can be too simple”.

The Ethereum team has always been upfront about the fact that, immediately after the launch of the project, in the Frontier phase at least, engaging with Ethereum will require some technical skills. It has also been made clear that as the project progresses, users will be offered tools that move away from the “command line interface” that so many of us dread, to more user friendly GUI-based applications.

One such GUI-based tool, the “official” Ethereum-Mist Wallet App is now in fairly advanced testing. This could prove to be the one App that makes the biggest impact in bringing newcomers into the world of Ethereum.

The target reader of this guide is anyone with the following traits:

  • someone looking for a safe, easy way to store and manage ether
  • has a general understanding of how cryptocurrencies work
  • is comfortable using a Bitcoin wallet
  • is not a programmer and is not comfortable with the command line interface
  • may or may not already have ether

If you’re looking for some heavy hand-holding as you learn to use the Ethereum-Mist Wallet App, then this step-by-step user guide, which covers only the ether management features, could be just the thing for you.

All the usual disclaimers apply.

3 thoughts on “Ethereum-Mist Wallet

  1. howsit… im a bit of a layman here. Great intro by the way.
    So i downloaded the mist wallet..took forever for the blockchain nodes to fully sync.
    I just wanted to ask a question?…. I see that a new version of the mist wallet gets released every now and again. Im assuming that the number of ether mined/ in circulation plus transactions will also rapidly increase(overall blockchain will grow). So why would I want to use a wallet that I need to sync continously (taking hours sometimes) — i understand the security requirement but it seems counter productive timewise to be always downloading a new wallet and syncing all the time…
    Hope that question even made sense…

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